Participating in the Voucher Program

 Section 8 is a federally-funded rent subsidy Program for low-income families. Qualifications are based on income & family composition. The Section 8 waiting list is currently closed. Present Section 8 participants may remain in the Section 8 Program as long as there is funding for the program. Tenants need to remain eligible for a rent subsidy according to income guidelines and remain in compliance with their family obligations under the Program. Under the Section 8 Program families select and rent dwellings that meet the program’s Housing Quality Standards. If the dwelling and lease are approved by the Housing Authority then a contract is signed with the Owner and the Tenant to make rent subsidy payments for the family. The Housing Authority’s subsidy is the difference between 30% of the family’s adjusted monthly income and the contract rent. The Agency pays the subsidy amount directly into the account of the landlord. The Section 8 tenant pays their portion of the rent directly to the landlord.


Becoming a Section 8 Landlord

A Guide on the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program for residential rental property owners.