Micro Lending Program


The Housing Authority of the County of Kern is pleased to announce a new program funded by the Housing & Opportunity Foundation of Kern through a grant from Wells Fargo Bank- the Wise Investments Now (W.I.N.) Micro Lending Program. The program will serve low income individuals who are interested in starting or growing their micro business. The program will offer low interest loans ranging from $500-$5,000 to individuals who submit a sound business plan proposal & have matching funds for their program idea. The W.I.N. Micro Lending program will provide outreach, support, and education to participants in order to ensure successful business start ups or growth opportunities. We are seeking to assist in diversifying opportunities in communities that have limited access to resources outside of traditional banking institutions & who may not qualify for traditional loans. This program seeks to educate entrepreneurs on the benefits & risks involved in managing your own business & the steps needed to successfully obtain credit. The program targets FSS participants as well as those Housing Authority residents with an entrepreneurial spirit. Any questions about the W.I.N. Micro Lending Program should be directed to Cynthia Kendrick at Resident Services (661) 631-8500 ext. 1404 or via email at ckendrick@kernha.org.