Resident Opportunity Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Program 

The Resident Opportunity Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Program is a voluntary program that is solely offered to residents of the Housing Authority of the County of Kern Low-Income Public Housing only.

Residents will obtain ongoing case management, to support residents with financial management courses, workshops, quarterly job fairs, employment and economic independence through encouragement, support, motivation, and assistance throughout residents’ participation in the ROSS program.

The Ross program provides a Service Coordinator that analyzes the needs of residents through an intake needs assessment application and establishes a case management plan that will link residents to financial management courses, community resources that will help residents with job training opportunities, job placement organizations, information on putting together a professional and effective resume, improvement with interviewing skills to make a better first impression, tips on preparing and dressing appropriately for interviews, and leads on job openings, events and upcoming recruitments that will benefit residents to become economically independent and self sufficient.

If you are a tenant in LIPH and would like additional information about the ROSS program please contact Felisa Gutierrez at