Housing Authority of the County of Kern

Pest Prevention Tips

  • Clean up any open, unsealed food, crumbs and liquid/spills from all floors and surfaces.
  • Sweep floors and vacuum regularly (with a HEPA vacuum, if possible).
  • Rinse bottles, cans and containers before putting them in the recycling bins. Clean out the recycling bins periodically to remove sticky residues.
  • Make sure all door cracks or other openings in the trash rooms are sealed or caulked to keep any pests from entering (and to keep odors contained).
  • Minimize clutter, paper files and storage supplies that can provide hiding places for pests.
  • Report all water leaks to the manager.
  • Do not overwater indoor plants. Wet soil and water left standing in the plant pots’ overflow dishes provide drinking areas for pests.
  • Avoid used mattresses or sofas as they can harbor bed bugs