Housing Authority of the County of Kern

Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the County of Kern is comprised of seven community members who volunteer their time to provide leadership and direction for the Agency.  Each commissioner is appointed by the Kern County Board of Supervisors with one commissioner representing each Board district and two tenant commissioners.


Max P. Bacerra, Chairman

Max Bacerra has served as Chairman of Housing Authority’s Board since 1990.  He is a strong advocate for the Agency’s community involvement in both housing and social service programs for low income persons and their families.  Mr. Bacerra owns his own consulting/planning & development business, wherein he works with local townships, as well as private individuals to develop commercial and residential real estate.




Brenda Callahan, Commissioner

Brenda Callahan is a long-time resident of one of Housing Authority’s public housing developments and has served on the Agency’s Board of Commissioners since 1997. Ms. Callahan is an advocate for public housing tenants and their needs while residing in the Housing Authority’s Low Income Public Housing Program. Commissioner Callahan has also served on one of the Agency’s Resident Advisory Boards within her neighborhood.


Gene Smith, Commissioner

Gene Smith has served on the Housing Authority’s Board since 1989. A former chief executive of an area bank, Commissioner Smith’s fiscal expertise, integrity, and professionalism has served the Authority well over the years. His evaluations of new projects, keen attention to detail, particularly regarding Housing Authority’s budgets, have been a great asset to the organization.


Raju Jassar, Commissioner

Appointed in 2006 to the Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners, Mr. Jassar is a Bakersfield High School graduate and holds a degree in economics from California State University – Bakersfield. He is a licensed real estate broker with Keller Williams. Highly knowledgeable concerning the real estate market in Kern County, Commissioner Jassar lends his expertise about new development and financing in the Agency’s efforts to expand affordable housing in the County.

Jonathan Webster, Commissioner

Appointed in 2007, Commissioner Webster is a former Housing Authority employee, having served as a Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (PHDEP) Coordinator. His work experience includes a position as job developer for the Career Service Center, a Program Coordinator for the Kenya Outreach Center and Field Representative for the County of Kern’s 5th Supervisory District. Mr. Webster’s broad experience promoting community aid for low income residents brings to the Board of Commissioners knowledge not only of the legislative process but also of the positive effects of grass roots organization.



Angelica Ortiz, Tenant Commissioner 

Angelica Ortiz is a Section 8 participant & she was appointed as a commissioner because she has demonstrated leadership within her local community.  Angelica is an active participant of the Housing Authority as she attends several of our events, workshops, and seminars.  She is a Teacher's Aide & she enjoys working with children with disabilities. Angelica truly believes in our mission of improving the quality of life for low income residents in Kern County and she is excited for the opportunity of expanding her service to the community.


Keith C. Wolaridge, Commissioner

Commissioner Wolaridge is a retired, award-winning ex-bank executive that today manges and owns business and personal development firm. Founder and owner of Wolaridge Consulting, Keith provides customized solutions that match the individual. Throughout Keith's professional career he has built a solid reputation as a leader in both the business and civic community. Keith believes in giving back to the community and truly supports the Housing Authority's mission.