General House Rules


Below are the general house rules applicable at all developments owned and operated by the Housing Authority. Additional rules

may apply at development sites based on specific program guidelines for a particular population (i.e. senior housing, single

family housing, etc.)


1. Keep the dwelling and any other areas assigned for the Resident’s exclusive use in a clean and safe condition.

2. No working on motor vehicles on property (parking lot included).

3. No loud or excessive noise that would offend your neighbors, AT ANY HOUR.

4. GUNS- You are not to use or allow any member of your household, friends, guests or invitees to use: B-B guns, slingshots, firearms, or any other propellant devices in or on the premises.

5. CHILDREN- Please refrain from permitting your children or children of your guests, or invitees or friends from playing on fences, roofs, in parking spaces, trees and shrubbery.

6. GRAFFITTI- In order to eliminate this problem we ask that if you see anybody marking on walls, or homes, please notify the Manager so appropriate action can be taken.

7. Premises will be kept neat and clean at all times, including area outside front and back doors and around premises.

8. You are responsible for any damage caused by your negligence (debris in toilet or garbage disposal, grease fires on stove, etc.) All repairs and maintenance must be reported. Give the Manager immediate notice of any accident, injury, damage, loss or need of service or repairs to wate or gas pipes, electric wiring, drains, toilets, fixrures or any other property or equipment covered under this lease, including all breakage, damage, or loss of any kind, such as damage from overflow of water from sinks, bathtubs, toiltes or other basins. Never flush sanitary napkins, disposable diapers or paper towels and such down your toilet. Don’t over-fill your bathtub. Residents must pay for all stop-ups and damage caused by improper use of plumbing.

9. Do not store or keep gasoline or solvents or other flammable materials or substances in the dwelling or on the premises and take every precaution to prevent fires and excerise caution with respect to children playing with matches. (Smoking in bed is prohibited).

10. Obtain permission from Manager before installing or using a water bed in dwelling.

11. HANGING PICTURES-Please hang pictures with the thin special picture nails. Do not use stick-on hangers (they pull the plaster off the walls).

12. WATER- The cost of water is included in your monthly rent, please do not waste. Any fines by the Water Company for excessive use or waste of water must be paid by the resident(s) who do the wasting.

13. YARD and LAWNS-Be careful of all grounds and yards while grass is starting to grow. You are responsible for the total care of the fenced rear yard. The amount of front yard space which you are responsible for will be assigned to you following your move-in. Watch out for the sprinkler system. Water hoses and lawn mowers must be furnished by each Resident. Do not plant flowers, shrubs, trees, or dig trenches next to the building.

14. FENCES-Keep clothes, rugs and children off the fences.

15. The Owner or Property Manager shall have the right to make such other and further reasonable rules and regulations as his or her judgment determines may be needed for the safety, care, cleanliness, and for the preservation of good order for the property and the persons of the tenant, their families, visitors and all others.