Housing for the Homeless

Green Gardens

Green Gardens is a 104-unit single room occupancy facility that houses formerly homeless persons with disabilities referred to the site by the County of Kern’s Mental System of Care. It consists of an exercise room, a community room, a community dining area, a patio, a large courtyard setting with mountain views, and a library.

Green Gardens is located at:

2300 South Union Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93307
Manager: Shrhonda Mathews
Manager’s Office: 661-397-2024; fax 661-397-1958

Transitional Housing Center

This program consists of eight (8) units providing temporary housing for homeless families returning from the Bakersfield Homeless Center. Agency staff refers residents of the program to support services to help families stabilize and obtain permanent housing. The basic time limit for residents to remain in the program is one (1) year, though families may request a one-year extension.

Transitional Housing Center

100 & 102 Plymouth Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93308
Manager: Julie Smith, 661-392-7125
8 Units, 2 bedrooms

Shelter Plus Care Program 

The Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program provides rental assistance to homeless disabled individuals and families who receive ongoing supportive services and case management from community organizations to help them remain in housing and increase their income.  The Bakersfield Homeless Center, Flood Bakersfield Ministries,Independent Living Center, Clinica Sierra Vista and the California Veteran Assistance Foundation refer homeless persons to the Housing Authority to receive the S+C assistance.

Haven Cottages

Haven Cottages offers 24 one-bedroom affordable rental homes for homeless individuals with mental illness.  The property is located at 68 E. White Lane in Bakersfield.  The Housing Authority  manages the property with referrals and resident services provided by the Kern County Mental Health Department.   Haven Cottages opened in 2011.Haven Cottages